Linda Weiss, Principal: Hot Springs, VA


"The Play Does An Excellent Job
O f Approaching The subject matter
From A Perspective That Can
E ntertain And Educate Children!"

Ronald Rude, Executive Director: The American Red Cross


Deborah Zabinski, Principal: Milwaukee, WI

Outstanding! I can recall no production
in recent years which has received
such praise from our students and staff!"

William Hahhad, Principal: Windham Center, CT

"One Of The Best School Programs
I Have Seen In 27 Year's Of Teaching!"
Ed Mullins, Principal: Lubbock, TX

"The actors were very energetic
and powerful. Educational value
was outstanding. There was a great
deal of value put forth in the production
which was appreciated by the staff:
reading; hard work; and altruism.
Great job!"
James Bell, Principal: Akron, OH

"The Rose Speaks To Us All!"

Keith Welch, Principal: Johnston, RI

"I was concerned about the primary
children being able to follow the program.
It turned out beautifully!
First graders returned being able to
tell and ask knowledgeable things.
They were entertained as well as taught,
and the upper grades confirmed
that they had also thoroughly
enjoyed the presentation!"
Thomas Sawers, Principal: Martinsville, VV

"The Rose Left Our Students In Awe!"

Margery Anderson, Principal: Philadelphia, PA

"We loved Jefferson! You guys were great!
Students were entertained and gained
a valuable lesson in history!”

Patrick Crahan, Principal: Cincinnati, OH

"The Theme Of Overcoming Personal
Challenges Was Right On The Mark
For Our School!

Lourdes M. Reyes, Principal: San Diego, CA

"The Rose Of No Man's Land Was Excellent!
Rock Cave Elementary, Rock Cave, WV

"Audience participation created a higher
degree of interest in the play and gave the
children a greater understanding of the
problems our ancestors faced."

Francis P. Raferty, Principal: Moonachie, NJ

"Thank You For A Wonderful Production!”
Barbara Hollowell, Administrative Assistant: Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Outstanding Message, Outstanding
P erformance!"

Joseph Rosenthal, Principal: Abington, MA

"Both Educational And Entertaining."
Glenda Honeycutt, Director of Elementary Education: Clinton, NC

"We were delighted to have Young
Americans' Theatre this year. We look
forward to next year's show!"

Carla Bond, Teacher: Coushatta, LA

"Excellent performance! 
I would highly recommend to
have you back! Thank you."

Rory Pullens, Principal: Nashville, TN

"Our Children Loved It!"
Randy Hooke, Principal: Monterey, VA

"Inspiring And Educational!"
Linda Little, Principal: Windham Center, CT

"Absolutely wonderful! We were thrilled.
We will spread the word of The Rose!"

Maureen Cicchitelli, Principal: DuTemple Elementary, Cranston, RI

"Truly inspirational for the children!
You really made The Rose come alive!"

Dr. McLaughlin, Superintendent: Mecklinberg County Schools, VA

"Very Professional In Every Way!"
Leigh Shaffer, PTA President: East Lansdowne, PA 

"I felt these young actors wanted to
convey only good messages:
stay in school, go to college,
say no to drugs, and overcoming
personal challenges.
We were happy to have them
in our school!"

Delmita Jones, Teacher: Moran, TX

"Excellent Comments From Teachers."
Bob Biancomano; Principal, St. Mary School, Newington, CT

"We loved The Rose in '95-96, and we
want the show again this year!"

George Branco, Assistant Principal: Naples, FL

"Wonderful! Students Really Enjoyed It!"
Robert Parish, Principal: Thomas, GA

"Utilizing the elements of an exciting
soundtrack, authentic costumes, powerful
sets, and student participation created
a theatrical experience the
kids could relate to."

Patricia James, Principal: Los Angeles, CA

"An Entertaining Program, And Educational."
Robert Chamness, Principal: East Berlin, CT

and many many more... 


Young Americans' Theatre
440 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11215