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In 1987 we founded Young Americans' Theatre and dedicated ourselves to bringing the finest educational theatre to children nationwide!

It's been an incredible 30 year journey, and we're proud to have performed thousands of assembly programs for schools nationwide! And we're proud of the outstanding reviews from educators, parents and children of all ages. 

We believe you deserve the best for your children! And we believe a school assembly program should entertain and inspire young people to learn, not waste valuable class time. Our Broadway theatre productions for children, along with our educational entertainment arts programs and our unique school fund-raiser are something you can be proud of. 

If you've seen our shows, then you know we believe in the power of the Arts to educate, entertain and inspire children! If you're new to Young Americans 'Theatre, then you're in for a treat!


Your children will personally connect to the heart-warming stories based on the youth of the main characters, and they will thrill to the comedy; drama; music; dance; stage sets; costumes and interaction in the shows! Your Parents and Teachers can utilize the living history and motivational themes in the shows to inspire and teach!

We have created five Broadway quality live theatre assembly programs for children that focus on the formative years of young Americans whom have made incredible contributions to our country and to the world. 

The plays themes are timeless and fundamental for all of us. "Overcoming Challenges", "Books Can Make You Strong" and "Think Before You Act", just to name a few!

Each Show stresses a unique and powerful message fundamental to children's learning, and are presented in a format that children can relate to and benefit from for the rest of their lives!

The action of the plays is focused on the youth of the main characters, so the children can relate personally. The stories set excellent character examples and help to motivate positive change in children's lives. Through the use of these powerful Themes, as well as Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, and more, our shows are powerful examples of how each of us has the strength within our character to learn to overcome whatever adversity we may face. Over the years the shows have evolved, but we always keep these themes of altruism and overcoming challenges an essential element front and center in all our productions.

Each character faces struggles and challenges in life, as we all do. The action of the play helps your children personally relate to the play, and the stories are based on the struggles they faced so we can learn from their journey! We bring to the stage their unique struggle to overcome whatever challenges stood before them. These are the plays of real Americans and their American stories.

Please use our toll free number and call today with any questions you may have. We're here for you and your children!  Reserve your performance date before we're sold out!  You'll be delighted you did!  We guarantee it!


Tired of candy sales and embarrassing fund-raisers? Need to raise thousands of dollars for your school? Our MOVIES and our On-Line Library are a new and exciting fund raiser idea for schools. 

Our movies are the perfect fund raiser for Schools, Parent Associations and Event Facilities! Simply schedule a Live performance of one of our free school assembly programs, and you're In The Movie Business! The School Assembly Educational Theatre Performance and the Theatre Arts Workshop is free for the school, and it motivates the sales of the Movie version of the plays. The films reinforces the positive messages taught in our Educational Assembly Program and help build community support for your school! Sales of the Movie and our on-line library of altruistic products earn you thousands of dollars profit as a fund-raiser throughout the school year!

Have a great year. See you backstage!

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